Why Buy a Farm Rainwater Tank With a Water Level Gauge?

While all rainwater tanks collect water, some tanks have more useful features or accessories than others. If you're looking to put a larger tank on your farm, say to irrigate fields or to water livestock, then there are some features that will make your working life easier. For example, it's worth considering buying a tank that comes with a fitted water level gauge or fitting this accessory to a plain tank. Read More 

3 Reasons to Use a Flail Mower Attachment to Clear Farm Land

Tractor and excavator attachments help you do a variety of jobs on your farm. You can use them for everyday tasks or for larger, one-off jobs. For example, if you want to clear an overgrown area to get it ready for livestock or planting, then choosing the right attachments helps you clear and prepare the ground quickly. A flail mower is a useful option on this kind of job. Why should you use this kind of mower? Read More