Wet or Dry? Choosing the Right Food for Your Dog

The number of dog food brands available is astounding, so it can be very difficult to work out what's best for your pet. Whether you're a new owner or you're reconsidering the food you've been giving your dog for a while, the decision on the ideal feed is made difficult by the sheer choice on offer. Once you've narrowed down a few brands, the next thing to decide is whether you're going to use a wet, tinned food or a dry kibble. Read More 

Upgrading to a ride-on lawn mower with smart attachments for your hobby farm

If you have a large property such as a hobby farm, it can make sense to upgrade to a ride-on lawn mower. Not only can this help you to mow your lawn, but you can also buy a range of attachments that make the work of gardening much easier and more enjoyable.  Here are some ideas to get you started.  Trays for tools and animal feed One of the simplest upgrades is a large tray at the back of the mower which can carry items such as tools or waste bins so that you can take small branches or green waste back to the house. Read More 

Underground vs Above-Ground Water Tanks: The Pros and Cons of Each

Adding a water tank to any property is a great idea, but you'll need to choose the best type to suit your needs. Probably the most important decision you'll need to make is whether to opt for an above-ground tank or an underground tank, also referred to as an 'in-ground tank'. There's really no right choice when it comes to water tanks; you simply have to take you own needs into account. Read More