Upgrading to a ride-on lawn mower with smart attachments for your hobby farm

If you have a large property such as a hobby farm, it can make sense to upgrade to a ride-on lawn mower. Not only can this help you to mow your lawn, but you can also buy a range of attachments that make the work of gardening much easier and more enjoyable. 

Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Trays for tools and animal feed

One of the simplest upgrades is a large tray at the back of the mower which can carry items such as tools or waste bins so that you can take small branches or green waste back to the house. You can also use this to run animal feed to the edges of the yard, such as chook pellets to the chicken run. It can also be a great idea to carry a small axe or saw in case you need to chop through a fallen tree branch when doing normal garden maintenance. 

Seed spreader

Whilst cutting grass, it can also be a good idea to lay new grass seed, particularly if the grass has overgrown and the underlying growth has been impacted by a lack of sunlight to the lower layers. By running a seed spreader bar off the back of the mower, you can allow seed to fall and hopefully fill in any bare patches in the grass. This can be an intensive process to complete manually, so by combining this with your mowing, you can half the work required to get a beautiful and lush-looking lawn. 

Fertiliser sprays

Many lawns need additional maintenance, with some level of fertilising in order to optimise growth and get a great colour to the lawn. By running a fertiliser spray off the back of the mower, you can run a targeted spray that hits the lawn in the correct places. 

Aeration spikes

If you live somewhere with a highly silty or clay-based soil, it can often become compacted, particularly after heavy rains or long dry spells. This can have a detrimental effect on the growth of the lawn. One way to mitigate this is by aerating the lawn. If you have a ride-on mower, you can add an aerating roll to the back of the mower, which can automatically operate as you ride on the mower. 

If you have a large property such as a hobby farm, a ride-on lawn mower can make your work in maintaining your perfect lawn much easier. Why not talk to a lawn mower specialist about mower attachments to simplify your lawn maintenance?